Cocina paraguaya moderna en un ambiente descontracturado
Santa Mónica es el proyecto gastronomico colaborativo entre Ivann, Johnny y Chavi

El Proyecto Nacio en el 2018 y tomo una nueva forma cuando chavi y johny empezaron a discutir sobre el futuro de la comida y las filosofias que queremos impartir en el mundo.



Nuestra cocina es un relato de celebraciones gastronomicas paraguayas con una mezcla de tecnicas orientales y europeas modernas y ancestrales.


Dr. Johnny Drain

Scientist / Chef

Johnny works at the cutting edge of food, fermentation, design and sustainability, helping to rethink how we will feed the world of the future in a more delicious, regenerative, equitable and ecologically-friendly way.

Having earned my PhD in Materials Science from the University of Oxford, I took a leap of faith by leaving academia to work in kitchens.

I’ve since carved out a niche to become a leading expert on using fermentation as a tool to create and amplify sustainability through deliciousness, and a trusted voice in exploring how what we grow and eat can change the health of the planet via my work with the food/design platform MOLD

Charles Michel

Food Educator / Researcher

Charles Michel is a nomad philomath studying the convergence of art, science and multisensory aesthetics. Based at Oxford University between 2013 and 2016, he published over a dozen papers in scientific journals on crossmodal perception.

He works as an experience designer in a variety of fields, and as an artist using food and the meal ritual as media. In recent years he has been working in cutting-edge projects that innovate in community building, food innovation, hospitality, and experiential art. He recently starred in Netflix “The Final Table”.

At the intersection of science, art, community and entrepreneurship, Charles aims to inspire solutions for important challenges in the ways humans relate to each other, and to nature.

Nuestros libros imprescindibles del mes

28 Diciembre 2022

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28 Diciembre 2022

Sumando Experiencias y anécdotas culinarias

28 Diciembre 2022


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